We founded THE GOLDEN APPLE with the idea to provide high quality healthy products with scientifically proven properties at reasonable prices. Achieving the high quality we are aiming at took us years of research of raw material producers. Today we can proudly say we made it. All our products are natural and pure. This means that for their production no artificial fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides have been used. They are dried using the most sparing methods possible, which guarantees the preservation of a high percentage of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and pigments.

THE GOLDEN APPLE offers you exceptional wild-growing AFA from Lake Klamath. Our partners are the first ever AFA manufacturer and have many years of production experience. The AFA used in our products is the richest in phenylethylamine (natural antidepressant; improves attention focus) compared to all the rest on the market. It also contains 3 times more chlorophyll than the other AFA produced for the market. Once harvested, AFA is very sensitive to high temperatures and many of its beneficial ingredients are destroyed within 15 minutes. That is why our partners cool the AFA to 5 degrees immediately after its removal from the water. THE GOLDEN APPLE’s AFA has prestigious certificates for organic production.

Products with AFA

In Bulgaria, THE GOLDEN APPLE is the only company to offer broken-cell-wall Chlorella pyrenoidosa under a patented Japanese technology. Why is this so important? Chlorella’s main beneficial ingredient is Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF). It is a complex combination of amino acids, nucleic acids, peptides, and carbohydrates that stimulates the regeneration and repair of tissues, strengthens the immune system, purifies the body and retains cell integrity. In the world there are more than 10 subspecies of chlorella and Chlorella pyrenoidosa, also known as “The Chlorella Queen”, contains the highest amount of CGF.

Chlorella’s cell wall is difficult to absorb and therefore most of the nutrients in it remain inaccessible to us. That is why the chlorella marketed by THE GOLDEN APPLE is with a broken cell wall under a Japanese patented method. The method’s main advantage is that even when broken, the cell wall retains its beneficial properties to oust heavy metals and radiation from our organisms.

Chlorella is very sensitive to the production methodology. To ensure uniform batch quality, conditions such as sunlight, clean water and fresh air need to be kept constant. The producers of chlorella THE GOLDEN APPLE works with are the only company in the world to ensure the highest hygiene standard for outdoor cultivation.

Our chlorella has been awarded many certificates, which is a guarantee of its exceptional qualities. According to scientific tests carried out by international experts and Japan Food Research Laboratories authorized by the Japanese government, this is the highest quality chlorella in the world.

Products with Chlorella

Spirulina is the most popular microalgae species in the world. There are hundreds of spirulina producers and several different subspecies. So why prefer the quality of THE GOLDEN APPLE’s Spirulina platensis?

Spirulina platensis of THE GOLDEN APPLE is the most certified spirulina in the world. This is a guarantee for high quality, environment-friendly and organic production. Also, this is the only spirulina included in USP – The United States Pharmacopoeia.

According to tests, because of its extremely precise production methodology THE GOLDEN APPLE’s Spirulina platensis has the highest content (compared to all other spirulinas on the world market) of nutrients, including the extremely important phycocyanin (strong anti-inflammatory effect; stimulator of adult stem cells), beta-carotene (purifies the blood; regenerates red blood cells; a powerful antioxidant) and magnesium. In our product AlgaEye we use SpiruBlue – the same exclusive 100% organic spirulina, but with 25% phycocyanin concentrate for sharper eyesight and good health.

Products with Spirulina

Astaxanthin is a red pigment with exceptional health benefits; it is becoming ever more popular. A number of synthetic medicines contain it, but the natural astaxanthin is the most concentrated and with the highest quality for human consumption. It is extracted from Haematococcus pluvialis microalgae. THE GOLDEN APPLE uses the highest concentration astaxanthin produced by the oldest manufacturer of Hematokokus pluvialis in the world. The exceptional quality, the high concentration and the low price in each capsule of AstaVista and AlgaEye make both our product based on astaxanthin the favourite health assistants of our customers worldwide.

Products with Astaxanthin

Dunaliela salina are algae which contain a large number of carotenoids, essential for the eyesight and the health of the whole body. THE GOLDEN APPLE’s Dunaliela salina is exceptional in that it is a natural carotenoid concentrate extracted from algae by natural and sparing technology, preserving all its qualities. That is why it is an essential ingredient in our eyesight product AlgaEye.

Продукт с Дуналиела салина

The complex of six Bulgarian probiotics, with a total of 13 different strains, is designed specifically for THE GOLDEN APPLE by one of the world’s largest specialists in the field. The Bulgarian probiotics are world famous for their exceptional qualities. That is why we are dedicated to use in our products probiotics produced in Bulgaria. Our formula is extremely concentrated and is designed to have maximum rapid and full effect on our clients’ health. Enjoy our unique probiotic complex included in our products SynBiotic and GoldenStemPower.

Products with probiotics

The synergistic formula of 13 digestive enzymes was developed for THE GOLDEN APPLE by one of the largest enzyme producers in the world. It is extremely powerful and well balanced so that one capsule of EnzSpiru has the power to break down all the nutrients contained in the average diet of a modern man. Take EnzSpiru before each meal to feel healthy, light and fresh every day.

Products with enzymes

GoldenStemPower is the product we are most proud of; it is winning friends all around the globe. It is based on the patented “6 in 1” formula of THE GOLDEN APPLE to stimulate stem cells. We combined in it the strongest natural stem-cell stimulators. What makes GoldenStemPower unique when compared to the other stem cell stimulants on the market is that it is not strictly profiled and has a broad spectrum of health-beneficial effects on the whole organism. Another important advantage of this product is that we give the lowest price per gram compared to all other products to stimulate stem cells on the global market.

The product GoldenStemPower