Spirulina: Energy for the Body

Spirulina is the most wide-spread type of blue-green microalgae; its properties as the most complete known food source from nature have been widely acknowledged. THE GOLDEN APPLE’s Spirulina platensis contains 100% pure organic Spirulina. Its quality is guaranteed by the most prestigious quality and organic production certificates. It is the only Spirulina on the global market included in the USP. It comes with Naturland, ECOcert, USDA, GMP, Star K Kosher, Halal and HASP certificates. THE GOLDEN APPLE’s organic Spirulina platensis is the result of thirty years of tradition in blue-green microalgae cultivation.

The Tiny Spiral

For thousands of years microalgae have been used worldwide as a food source and cure for various diseases and ailments. Spirulina thrives in highly alkaline waters, such as those of Lake Texcoco near Tenochtitlan, today’s Mexico City. Multiple sources from the times of the Spanish conquest give evidence that the Aztecs harvested blue-green microalgae from the lake to prepare sun-dried cakes they called “tekuitlatl”.

For centuries now Spirulina has been a nutritious food source for the people from the Kanembu tribe who live on the Lake Chad. Even nowadays, it is one of their main protein sources. They use it to prepare hard cakes called “dihe”, which they dry in the sun in shallow pits along the lake shores. UN reports documented the better overall health status of the people living around the Lake Chad and eating algal cakes.

Spirulina Platensis

Imagine a food that contains potent antioxidant and has potent anti-inflammatory effects; food that strengthens the immune system, relieves allergies, stimulates the eyes and the brain; regulates cholesterol levels; discards the heavy metals from the body; gives energy to the body; has analgesic, rejuvenating effect. Scientific studies have shown that Spirulina gives the body even more.

THE GOLDEN APPLE’s Spirulina platensis contains over 68% easily absorbable proteins, thus becoming the most powerful natural source of protein. Spirulina is an excellent source of phytopigments, such as phycocyanin, chlorophyll, carotenoids (beta-carotene), zeaxanthin and other plant pigments that make it an exceptional food source. It contains all essential amino acids, unsaturated fat acids, omega 3 and 6, a wide range of organic vitamins (mostly vitamin B 12) and minerals (iron, magnesium, calcium), and over 2,000 enzymes. It is also rich in sulpholipids, antioxidant enzyme superoxide dismutase (SOD), and gamma-linolenic acid (GLA).

Some of its most striking scientifically proven properties:

  • Spirulina is richest in the blue pigment phycocyanin. Phycocyanin has potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects. It is scientifically proven to block the enzyme cyclooxygenase (COX-2), which in its turn is responsible for the synthesis of substances in the body that cause pain and inflammation. It is known that inflammation impedes the movement of stem cells and their reaching the place that needs their help. Several scientific studies have shown that it is phycocyanin that stimulates the proliferation of adult stem cells. That is why Spirulina platensis is an integral part of THE GOLDEN APPLE’s product GoldenStemPower, a natural stem cell stimulant. THE GOLDEN APPLE’s Spirulina platensis is the richest in the blue pigment phycocyanin when compared to other Spirulina and algae products on the market.
  • Spirulina regulates the immune system and stimulates the production of natural interferons which makes it invaluable for diseases such as multiple sclerosis, hepatitis, cancer, viruses. Spirulina platensis of THE GOLDEN APPLE stimulates the level of natural interferon up to 12 times.
  • It contains many different carotenoids and is very rich in beta-carotene. Carotenoids purify the blood, regenerate the red blood cells and are a powerful antioxidant. They have a beneficial effect on eyesight, so Spirulina platensis is an important ingredient of THE GOLDEN APPLE’s AlgaEye product, designed for better eyesight and overall health.
  • Spirulina provides the organism with vitamins, minerals, amino acids, pigments, unsaturated fat acids and many other nutrients. This makes it suitable food for athletes as it provides long-lasting energy and reduces the time to reenergize the body.
  • Spirulina gives a lot of energy to the mind and body. It enhances your work capacity, endurance and mental balance.
  • Spirulina stimulates the production of T-cells and natural killer cells.
  • It purifies the body, balances body metabolism and regulates cholesterol levels.
  • Because of its anti-inflammatory effect, Spirulina is a perfect aid for allergies, asthma, anaemia, sinusitis, hay fever and other inflammatory diseases.
  • Spirulina has analgesic effect.
  • It is beneficial to the intestinal flora and contributes to the reduction of Candida albicans in the body.
  • Spirulina is the perfect food source for vegetarians and vegans because of its high content of Vitamin B 12 and essential amino acids. The richest natural source of vitamin B12, it is the perfect food for pregnant women and babies.
  • It stimulates breast milk production and increases the nutritional value of breast milk.
  • It relieves joint problems, makes the skin look healthy and supple, and hair thick and shiny.

Why choose THE GOLDEN APPLE’s Spirulina platensis:

  • Spirulina Arthrospira platensis is the Spirulina genus with the widest and richest nutritious spectrum.
  • Spirulina platensis of THE GOLDEN APPLE contains 100% organic Spirulina certified by independent institutes in Switzerland and Germany. It covers standards for quality and purity of the product, the absence of genetic modification, pesticides, herbicides and other harmful impurities.
  • ECO certified in France.
  • The first and only Spirulina included with a certificate in the United States Pharmacopoeia in the food additives section. This ensures consistent batch quality, up to the indications as per the analysis certificate in terms of product purity and quality; its cultivation meets the required standards.
  • USDA Organic certificate.
  • Star-K Kosher certificate.
  • Halal certificate.
  • The producers of THE GOLDEN APPLE’s Spirulina platensis are GMP certified.
  • The producers of THE GOLDEN APPLE’s Spirulina platensis have been investing in serious research demonstrating Spirulina’s unrivalled qualities for thirty years now.
  • In cultivation organic rather than chemical fertilizers are used, so there is no pollution and negative effect on global warming.
  • Its rich blue-green colour ensures a high content of pigments.
  • Spirulina platensis of THE GOLDEN APPLE has extremely low water content – about 2.5%, which guarantees a longer shelf life and low total number of bacteria, i.e. the Spirulina we offer is cleaner, safer and lasts longer.
  • Enriched with Mg, the most important microelement, and organic Ca.
  • It has low ash content, which means high mineral content.
  • Spirulina platensis of THE GOLDEN APPLE contains unsurpassed high levels of pigments, proteins and vitamin B 12.
  • The richest in phycocyanin compared to all other Spirulinas and algae.
  • It stimulates the production of natural interferon in the body.
  • The 500 mg Spirulina Platensis tablets contain no fillers, connecting and polishing agents.
  • Low price per gram for high-value, pure and nutritious Spirulina platensis.

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