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The product prices are inclusive of VAT and are listed on the page for the relevant product in our e-shop.

Terms of Delivery

The Terms of Delivery and the Rates can be consulted upon pressing theDELIVERY menu on

Cancelling an Order / Return Policy

Upon receipt of the item, the client is obliged to check whether the content of the package corresponds to the items in the order placed. If a product has been damaged during transportation, the client is obliged to verify the fact in the presence of the courier and request a damaged shipment protocol.

A client may cancel an order no later than 12 hours following its registration in the system. The client shall inform the supplier of the cancellation via email or by means of a phone call (see the contact details on the website).
If a client cancels an order that has already been dispatched, they shall owe to the supplier compensation to the amount of the courier shipment fee.
A client may return the products in case of any discrepancy between ordered and delivered products, but not later than within three (3) working days of receipt. The products must be returned in their original unopened packages by courier, the costs being borne by the supplier.
Products that have been used by the client shall not be accepted.
Failing to execute a client order, the supplier may offer the client to either replace the product with another one of the same value, or to cancel the order. If the client shall choose to cancel the order and has already made a payment either via bank transfer or with credit or debit card, the supplier shall repay the full amount within 3 (three) working days.

Privacy and Data Protection

THE GOLDEN APPLE shall take measures to protect the privacy of users as required by the Law on Protection of Personal Data. Users agree that THE GOLDEN APPLE shall be entitled to process personal information related to the services offered by the website. To place an order, the clients shall provide the following information: name and surname; e-mail address; telephone number; billing and delivery address; postal code. Clients can edit the data in their personal accounts in the website at any time. We undertake to use the data provided by our clients during ordering, registration or browsing of the page for the needs of servicing only – execution of an order, contacting the client in case of problems with the order, etc. We guarantee that these data will not be provided in any form to third parties or used for purposes other than those described above.
Your profile may be deleted from the database of THE GOLDEN APPLE together with its adjacent data upon request.
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The website allows users to post comments on the products. THE GOLDEN APPLE shall not assume in any way and under no circumstances responsibility for the accuracy of the information published by users. Liability rests entirely on users who have published the information. THE GOLDEN APPLE reserves the right to delete posts that are not on the subject, are defamatory or offensive in their nature or are not in Bulgarian. In case of problems and complaints, clients may use the integrated contact form.
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THE GOLDEN APPLE is entitled to change the product prices upon discretion at any time without prior notice to customers. The clients are obliged to pay the price that was valid at the moment of registering the order. In the case of technical errors or typos in publishing information on the websites, THE GOLDEN APPLE is entitled to refuse execution of an order and no compensation shall be due in any way to the client, save the amounts paid by the client, if any.
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