How it all began

At the beginning of life, every one of us was a single stem cell – a fertilized egg. Such a cell has the potential to create a whole organism. Division after division, embryonic stem cells have the ability to build every single organ of our bodies.

shema-bez-fonAdult stem cells in brief

From the moment we are born until the end of our lives adult stem cells stay with us. There are various types of adult stem cells. The multipotent stem cells are the most interesting since they, not unlike embryonic stem cells, are capable of producing various cell progeny in various tissues, even in the brain. They are the body’s natural mechanism for regeneration and recovery. They can regenerate or re-create destroyed or damaged tissues.
The bone marrow is considered to be a major source of stem cells in the body. Adult stem cells derived from it are the creators of blood and immune cells. Recent scientific research has shown that there are a number of other organs that produce stem cells – the eyes, dental pulp, skin, liver, muscles, etc. Stem cells themselves can regenerate their tissue of origin, or in an emergency situation help other tissue to recover.
Research in the field of stem cells is gaining momentum. It is considered to be the future of medicine. In recent years, two Nobel prizes for medicine have been awarded for discoveries in the field of stem cells.
Stem cells are always with us; when we get hurt, when we fall ill or have an accident, they come to the rescue. Unfortunately, with age the amount of stem cells circulating in the blood decreases. That is why children recover faster than adults.

Our goal

стволови-клетки-за-статияBased on our studies of microalgae, probiotics and stem cells, we believe that it is possible to stimulate the proliferation of adult stem cells originating not only in the bone marrow, but also in other parts in our body such as the eyes, dental pulp, skin, liver, brain, muscle, and gastrointestinal tract.
Our goal is to stimulate adult stem cells naturally without any health risks.
There are scientific studies of all raw materials contained in our products proving their ability to stimulate stem cells. The first studies on chlorella, spirulina and green tea and their impact in stem cell stimulation date back to the early 1980s; AFA studies started in the early 21st century, and in 2011 a scientific team from South Korea discovered astaxanthin’s ability to stimulate the production of progenitor nerve cells.
All our products have a positive effect on the processes associated with stem cell stimulation. We are especially proud of our unique 6-in-1 GoldenStemPower formula to stimulate stem cells. AlgaEye, AstaVista, EnzSpiru and other products also have the exclusive power to stimulate stem cells and the natural processes in the body, leading to sound overall health.

Products designed to stimulate stem cells